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With millions of projects and portfolios hosted, Behance, part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, is the largest creative professional network in the world. Behance also powers the online-communities of top art schools and organizations around the world.

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Talent Search taps the "Creative Graph" to recommend candidates based on your hiring preferences.

The "Recommendation Engine" tracks when you save and "Shortlist" candidates, so your recommendations improve as your search continues.

Discover Candidates

Search & identify candidates by school attended, affiliated companies and agencies, awards won, tools used, and the “Creative Index” based on community curation.

Because work is presented publicly on Behance and attribution is required, it takes the guesswork out of what roles people had on any given project.

Manage Your Search

Talent Search enhances the hiring process. You can share your searches with colleagues, add private notes to candidate profiles, and track candidate progress.

Use the “Shortlist” feature to narrow down the list of candidates you discover, who have applied, or who are recommended. Contact your favorite candidates directly through Behance.

Creative Talent Search vs. The Old Way of Creative Recruiting

Manage Candidates With Private Notes & “Shortlist” Tool
Send Prioritized Messages & Manage Candidate Correspondence
Multi-Channel Candidate Sourcing (Discovered, Applied, Recommended)
Integrated Discovery & Candidate Tracking Process
Recommendations From Proprietary “Creative Index” Algorithm
Access to “Similar Creatives” Algorithm
Search & Sort Candidates by Work Experience & Awards Data
Share Searches & Track Candidates with Colleagues
Exclusive iOS App For Talent Search
Traditional Recruiting
Single Job Post
Talent Search™

Top creative teams and companies use Behance to find and hire top creative talent.

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If you’re not ready to run a complete Talent Search you can still post a job.

Job Posts cost $395 and are active for 60 days.