• TRISTE OU MAGNIFIQUE is a series of photographs taken by Daniel Reuber in 2014. For the purpose of shooting the series, he travelled to Iceland and searched for the most essential shots. Beyond this, it is also a visual experiment characterized by its hardly underexposed images. It is best viewed on plane black background and should attract the viewers eye to all the details hidden in the shown landscapes. The subject is in focus, just slightly accentuated by the minimal colors varying between blue charcoal and light yellow tones.
    That’s why the series is called TRISTE OU MAGNIFIQUE – which means sad or beautiful in french. The colors look very sad and you have to view an image more than just a second to reveal its beauty to your eye. So take your time for every image and start to discover the nordic island on your own.  
  • Music by Hendric Bünck. All Rights belong to the Owner.
    Thanks for watching!
    I hope you had a good trip!