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    Quintal Bioshop
  • Keywords Biological, Eco-Friendly, Live Window Display, Social Awareness & Upcycling.
  • The briefing, aimed to make a contribution towards the promotion and revitalization of the visual street environment in downtown Porto by creating a dynamic window display in a selected commercial establishment. The mission at the heart of the project was to employ the skills and knowledge of communication design to exemplify the creative potential of the union between Design and Commerce.
    In this project, we were asked to address the dual objectives of function and beauty and to create a window display that not only promoted the establishment concerned by drawing the attention of the public at large, but doing so in ways that surprise, intrigue and captive, utilizing the full potential of these unique public spaces.
    From the list of 17 establishments that have agreed to participate, the one that was chosen was Quintal Bioshop, located in Rua do Rosário, at Miguel Bombarda District, a zone rich in artistic and cultural events.
  • Quintal Bioshop, is a 3-in-1 shop, there is a part where you can buy your groceries, another where you can buy other products, such as natural cosmetics, and also a coffee shop with a green terrace where you can appreciate the familiar and pleasing environment from this green refuge. The link between all of them is the 100% biological origin. Quintal Bioshop is not only a shop but also a space for sharing knowledge, as they show by all of the lectures and workshops they organize, with topics like alternative healing methods. This is part of the neighborhood dynamic they create with their clients, a close relationship. One of the things that appeals the most in the shop is the ideology, the fact they consume consciously, are eco-friendly and also socially responsible.
  • After measuring the window and understanding the possibilities of the optical line, it was decided to use only the bottom part of the total window, not only for better comprehension of the final window display but also to let the top part compensate the lack of light entrance that the display could cause.
    Then, after fully comprehending the intervention space and deciding that the project would be related to typography, an image/word that could identify the shop had to be found. Which was reached by using the link between all the parts that make the shop, the 100% biological origin, and so it was decided to use the word "Biológico" (=Biological). 
  • Thereafter, not only for composition and impact reasons but also to match the number of divisions of the shop, the word "Biológico" was evenly divided in three parts.
    One of the main goals for this project was that the eco-friendly and social conscious ideology of the shop was represented, which was achieved by upcycling wood, using old pallets and useless wood to create the letters, planters and structure.
  • Due to the great characteristics of the window, it was set that the project would be three dimensional and accompanying the biological idea, it was determined, complementing the word "Biológico", that a living window display would be created in the form of a vertical kitchen garden, containing from aromatic herbs, to fruit and also vegetables that could be sold in the shop, a green space right in the middle of the city center of Porto.
  • Final Window Display
  • Creating a living window display takes risks, such as maintenance, and for that a opening system was created in the back of the structure so the owners could water the plants from the inside but it is also useful if they want to change the plants for new ones.
  • Special thanks to Marta Maria for the great photographic record and to Mr. Mário Ramos for lending his masterful construction and crafting skills thoughout the project.